The process that follows the end of each auction is designed to be fast and efficient.

Once the auction closes you will receive an email with your invoice attached. The email will include a payment link to pay your invoice  and delivery requests links which can be used to let us know which service you require. You can use the payment request to complete your invoice. You can also pay invoices via Bank Transfer, cash or by debit/credit card in person on the day of collection. Once the invoice is complete a PAID copy will be sent to your email address.


The collection is stated in the Important Information for each sale.


Should you be unable to collect your goods in person we are happy to arrange delivery for you. We can arrange parcels for items less than 30Kg, providing they can be transported safely by a courier. If goods weight more than 30Kg we can organise pallets (they must fit on a Pallet) or we can provide details of recommended couriers. If you would prefer to organise a courier yourself Shepherd's are more than happy to provide you with the dimensions and weight of your package. If you would like to use our delivery services please ensure you contact the office before 4 pm on the designated collection day.


Standard conditions limit liability to a maximum cover per consignment of £10 per kilo with an excess of £30- Additional Cover is available at £8.50 per consignment.

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